7 november 2022

Ecologica Tredi joins Itelyum

Itelyum, a leading Italian company in the circular economy and in particular in special waste recovery, further increases the services offered to industrial supply chains. Today Itelyum finalised the acquisition of 100% of Ecologica Tredi S.r.l., a company active in the treatment and valorisation of industrial waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, with a consolidated specialisation in the recycling of oil filters, from which iron, aluminium, and contaminated metal packaging are recovered, as well as in the preparation of mixtures for energy valorisation.

21 July 2022

Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation: Itelyum inaugurates the Permanent Demonstrative Laboratory (PDL) in collaboration with Politecnico of Milan

Itelyum and the Politecnico of Milan have launched the ‘Permanent Demonstrative Laboratory (PDL)’ at the Itelyum Regeneration plant in Pieve Fissiraga (LO).

6 July 2022

Itelyum’s Sustainability Report presented at Ecoforum

Presented at Ecoforum 2022 Itelyum’s Sustainability Report 2021, which shows that in keeping with its role as a leading company in Italy for the circular economy of special waste, Itelyum is committed to driving its supply chains towards more sustainable production and consumption models.

1 July 2022

Itelyum acquires the Trieste-based Crismani group, a leading player in the port environmental management market

Itelyum, a national leader and international player in the management, recycling and valorisation of industrial waste, further consolidates its offer of environmental solutions for the circular economy sector with the acquisition of some of the companies of the Trieste-based Crismani group, which has been active in waste management for more than 50 years and operates in particular in the port sector at the ports of Trieste, Monfalcone and San Giorgio di Nogaro.

20 May 2022

Minister Giorgetti and Councillor Guidesi visit our plant in Pieve Fissiraga

On Friday 20 May Itelyum had the pleasure of hosting the Minister for Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and the Lombardy Region Councillor for Economic Development Guido Guidesi at the Pieve Fissiraga site where Marco Codognola showed them the plant.

16 April 2022

On 15 April 2022 Itelyum acquired control of S.C.I.E. S.r.l., Società Costruzione Impianti Ecologici

With great satisfaction, Itelyum strengthens its role as a multifunctional player in the circular economy, expanding the range of services offered by the group to the various industrial supply chains, adding to the integrated waste management activities also those related to the design and maintenance of water treatment and purification plants present at many large industrial clients.

24 March 2022

European training: Itelyum’s Objective Sustainability project protagonist at the presentation of the ‘ReGeneration School’ Plan

A special day for Italy at the meeting organised by the Ministry of Education, as part of the six-month Italian Presidency at the Council of Europe, to present the ‘ReGeneration School’ Plan to the Committee of Ministers: an important national systemic project structured by the ministry, which involves entities, businesses and associations in a ‘Green Community’, of which Itelyum was the spokesperson, that aims to educate a new citizenship that is able to look at sustainable development in all its forms, environmental, social and economic.

16 March 2022

Itelyum at Ecoforum: innovation and partnerships with universities to implement circular economy technologies and processes

On 10 March Itelyum took part in Ecoforum, the National Conference on Circular Economy, organised by Legambiente and held in Milan at the Palazzo Reale.