10 July 2024

Circular economy, Lazio’s industrial site at the forefront in Europe on recovery of critical raw materials

The INSPIREE project was presented in Rome: 500 tonnes of rare earths recovered at the Itelyum plant in the province of Frosinone.  

16 february 2024

Circular economy: Itelyum invests in the plastic chemical recycling market and further expands its circular economy capabilities

Itelyum is poised to become a major producer of chemically recycled PET in Italy with the acquisition of a significant share of Plasta Rei.  

5 february 2024

Circular economy: italian group Itelyum expands internationally by acquiring two companies in Germany and France

Itelyum has expanded its international footprint, having acquired two companies: SAFECHEM Europe GmbH, based in Düsseldorf (Germany), and SOLEDI S.A.S., based in Beaumont-les-Valence (France), accounting for combined revenues of ca. 40 million Euro.  

19 october 2023

illimity and SACE: a guaranteed loan of 30 million euro to support ITELYUM’s green development

The operation will enable the company to invest in waste treatment and recycling processes for the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical sector.

12 october 2023

LIFE22-ENV-IT-INSPIREE project kicks off in Ceccano for the recycling of rare earth elements co-funded by Europe

Europe’s first industrial-scale plant for recycling rare earth elements from WEEE will be built in Ceccano at Itelyum Regeneration.

22 september 2023

American supercarrier USS Gerald R. Ford and Msc Nicola Mastro at the Port of Trieste, Itelyum Group in charge of environmental sustainability ashore

Itelyum once again plays a leading role in the environmental sustainability of the Port of Trieste.

15 september 2023

Winning combination of environment and sport: the italian A League basketball teams will play in the Itelyum Arenal

Itelyum enters the Italian basketball league as a protagonist: the ‘home’ of Varese Basketball for the next three years will be named Itelyum Arena.

25 July 2023

Circular economy: Itelyum consolidates presence in Veneto with the acquisition of Bottari Srl

Itelyum consolidates its presence in the Veneto region and in the management of used mineral oil and oily emulsions with the acquisition of 100% of Bottari Srl, a company based in Verona that boasts a widespread presence in the area. 

13 July 2023

Circular economy: Castiglia, part of the Itelyum Group, and SIR join forces for the acquisition of Nigromare, a player in the environmental management of the Port of Taranto

Itelyum through its subsidiary Castiglia Srl and in partnership with SIR S.p.A. concluded the acquisition of the majority shareholding of Nigromare S.r.l. from the Nigro family.

5 July 2023

Ecological transition: Itelyum Group, circular economy pioneer, presents its 2022 Sustainability report at Ecoforum

1,300 people, more than half a billion euros in revenue, 1.8 million tonnes of waste managed with a circularity index of 84% and 500,000 tonnes of CO2 avoided: the numbers that define a unique entity in Italy, Itelyum.

25 may 2023

60 years of Itelyum, forerunner and innovator for the national circular economy

Itelyum, the group specialised in the management, recycling and valorisation of industrial waste, controlled by Stirling Square and owned by DBAG, celebrated 60 years in business and results as a sustainability game changer.

26 April 2023

Itelyum, confirmed the closing with Petrokan for the acquisition of control of Secomar and Ambiente Mare

Itelyum, a national leader and international player in waste management, recycling and valorisation, controlled by Stirling Square and participated by DBAG, has completed the acquisition of the majority stake from Petrokan in Secomar S.p.A. and Ambiente Mare S.p.A.

17 April 2023

At the FuoriSalone in Milan, the MetamorphosYs installation by Itelyum is the protagonist of ‘Interni Design Re-Evolution’

Itelyum, a national leader and international player in the management, recycling and valorisation of waste, controlled by Stirling Square and participated by DBAG is the protagonist, as part of the FuoriSalone, of the exhibition-event “Interni Design Re-Evolution” staged at the University of Milan.

17 February 2023

Itelyum signs preliminary agreement with Petrokan to acquire control of Secomar and Ambiente Mare

After the three significant acquisitions made in the last seven months, the acquisition of a majority shareholding in Secomar S.p.A. and Ambiente Mare S.p.A. is on the last stretch, thus extending its presence in the port of Ravenna.

18 January 2023

Itelyum acquires Ecowatt Vidardo Srl, a plant for energy production from waste and scrap fractions

Itelyum keeps growing with the 61.98% acquisition of Ecowatt Vidardo Srl. This is a strategic operation aimed at vertically integrating the activities of the Environment Division with a final destination plant aimed to energy generation.

12 December 2022

Itelyum launches the ‘1,000 x 1,000’ initiative

Itelyum, leading Italian company in the circular economy and specifically in the management and valorisation of special waste, with headquarters in Pieve Fissiraga (LO) and controlled by the private equity fund Stirling Square Capital Partners (SSCP), launches the 1,000 for 1,000 operation. The company has indeed granted an extraordinary bonus of 1,000 euro to its employees to cope with high energy prices and inflation, as part of its commitment to closeness and inclusion.

14 November 2022

Training with Itelyum at Ecomondo

At Ecomondo, space was given to training on sustainability in the round: Itelyum hosted a meeting at its stand dedicated to the culture of sustainability to promote its business model with a high degree of circularity that invests in internal and external training, involving the territories and institutions of reference.

7 November 2022

Ecologica Tredi joins Itelyum

Itelyum, a leading Italian company in the circular economy and in particular in special waste recovery, further increases the services offered to industrial supply chains. Today Itelyum finalised the acquisition of 100% of Ecologica Tredi S.r.l., a company active in the treatment and valorisation of industrial waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous, with a consolidated specialisation in the recycling of oil filters, from which iron, aluminium, and contaminated metal packaging are recovered, as well as in the preparation of mixtures for energy valorisation.

24 October 2022

The president of the province of Lodi Santantonio visiting Itelyum

A visit to Itelyum Regeneration in Pieve Fissiraga for the President of the Province of Lodi, Fabrizio Santantonio, to get a closer look at the entrepreneurial reality behind the regeneration process of used lubricating oils that has led Italy to first place in Europe for the quality and technology used.

17 October 2022

Regional council of Lombardy visiting the Itelyum plant

The President of the Environment and Civil Protection Commission of the Lombardy Region, Riccardo Pase, and regional councillors Selene Pravettoni and Patrizia Baffi visited the Itelyum plant in Pieve Fissiraga, which processes used lubricating oils, a sector in which Italy is a leader in Europe.

1 October 2022

Open Day in Landriano, Itelyum returns to meet its community

Itelyum Purification’s open day is back, after the stop imposed by the measures taken to deal with the pandemic, allowing citizens and local institutions to get to know this company that boasts European leadership in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.

21 July 2022

Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation: Itelyum inaugurates the Permanent Demonstrative Laboratory (PDL) in collaboration with Politecnico of Milan

Itelyum and the Politecnico of Milan have launched the ‘Permanent Demonstrative Laboratory (PDL)’ at the Itelyum Regeneration plant in Pieve Fissiraga (LO).

6 July 2022

Itelyum’s Sustainability Report presented at Ecoforum

Presented at Ecoforum 2022 Itelyum’s Sustainability Report 2021, which shows that in keeping with its role as a leading company in Italy for the circular economy of special waste, Itelyum is committed to driving its supply chains towards more sustainable production and consumption models.

1 July 2022

Itelyum acquires the Trieste-based Crismani group, a leading player in the port environmental management market

Itelyum, a national leader and international player in the management, recycling and valorisation of industrial waste, further consolidates its offer of environmental solutions for the circular economy sector with the acquisition of some of the companies of the Trieste-based Crismani group, which has been active in waste management for more than 50 years and operates in particular in the port sector at the ports of Trieste, Monfalcone and San Giorgio di Nogaro.

20 May 2022

Minister Giorgetti and Councillor Guidesi visit our plant in Pieve Fissiraga

On Friday 20 May Itelyum had the pleasure of hosting the Minister for Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and the Lombardy Region Councillor for Economic Development Guido Guidesi at the Pieve Fissiraga site where Marco Codognola showed them the plant.

16 April 2022

On 15 April 2022 Itelyum acquired control of S.C.I.E. S.r.l., Società Costruzione Impianti Ecologici

With great satisfaction, Itelyum strengthens its role as a multifunctional player in the circular economy, expanding the range of services offered by the group to the various industrial supply chains, adding to the integrated waste management activities also those related to the design and maintenance of water treatment and purification plants present at many large industrial clients.

24 March 2022

European training: Itelyum’s Objective Sustainability project protagonist at the presentation of the ‘ReGeneration School’ Plan

A special day for Italy at the meeting organised by the Ministry of Education, as part of the six-month Italian Presidency at the Council of Europe, to present the ‘ReGeneration School’ Plan to the Committee of Ministers: an important national systemic project structured by the ministry, which involves entities, businesses and associations in a ‘Green Community’, of which Itelyum was the spokesperson, that aims to educate a new citizenship that is able to look at sustainable development in all its forms, environmental, social and economic.

16 March 2022

Itelyum at Ecoforum: innovation and partnerships with universities to implement circular economy technologies and processes

On 10 March Itelyum took part in Ecoforum, the National Conference on Circular Economy, organised by Legambiente and held in Milan at the Palazzo Reale.