Itelyum Net is the result of Itelyum’s network of value and expertise as a one-stop shop for processes, services and consulting, a guarantee of circular environmental solutions, based on the reduction of CO2 emissions, recovery and valorisation with subsequent savings of virgin raw materials. Itelyum Net is a legal entity able to use Itelyum’s requirements in terms of economic results, SOA certifications, enrolment in the National Register of Environmental Managers, plant capacity, and availability of facilities and equipment.

Itelyum Net coordinates the consortium companies in their participation in public and private tenders concerning:

  • The provision of services related to waste management (transport, disposal and/or recovery of waste).
  • The remediation and restoration of polluted sites, the carrying out of related construction work and waste removal and treatment on site.
  • The study, general and executive design, construction and management of facilities for waste management of all kinds.

Itelyum Net takes up the challenge of driving the ecological transition for the Italian production system, having a single structure with highly specialised resources and technological expertise, throughout the country, supporting the value chains of a plurality of sectors and supply chains.