Environment Solutions integrates a comprehensive range of environmental services for special waste producers, with an active role also in the hazardous waste collection sector. With more than 1,500,000 tonnes/year of industrial waste – of which about 1,000,000 tonnes are directly managed in a responsible manner from collection, storage, pre-treatment, up to start-up for recovery or disposal – the business area gathers, controls and coordinates 25 operating sites, located all over Italy, with more than 650 employees and also has a proprietary fleet of more than 80 specialised vehicles.

Its strong territorial presence enables it to play a key role in vertical integration in the sector, reducing the spatial and temporal distances between waste generation and utilisation. 

The active presence in all phases of waste management, from collection to storage, transport and pre-treatment, is complemented by brokerage, environmental consulting and safety activities.

The facility also includes an accredited laboratory for chemical and environmental analyses and two industrial water treatment plants.

The strategic approach, expertise and advanced systems adopted ensure maximum traceability and transparency in environmental and administrative management, allowing recycling and recovery options to be favoured over other forms of disposal.