Purification Solutions includes Itelyum Purification S.r.l., considered to be for over 40 years the industrial leader in the production and trading of solvents coming from the valorization of chemical waste and high purity solvents. The Landriano (PV) plant is equipped with flexible distillation units, capable of adjusting its structure according to the waste to be treated and the planned production, and contains a chemical synthesis facility. The logistics and packaging site in Rho (MI) completes the industrial asset, adding automated mixing and bottling capacity.

Every year, almost 100,000 tons of used solvents, mainly deriving from the chemical and pharmaceutical chemistry, are purified or recovered, with high industrial yield and quality. The solvents produced can return to the market of origin or be valorized through new formulations, in order to fulfil the demands of other markets.

Its production capacity adds up to 100,000 tons of pure products obtained from selected oil fractions, technical streams and virgin raw materials, supplemented by trading activities.

Finally, a dedicated facility synthetizes starting pharmaceutical materials or custom-made products, through organic chemistry processes that also benefit from the synergy with the solvent regeneration activity.