Regeneration Solutions encompasses the activities of Itelyum Regeneration Regeneration S.p.A., European leader for over 50 years in the production of quality lubricating bases through a proprietary and patented re-refining process. Thanks to the technologies adopted, such as catalytic hydro-finishing, the regeneration plants are capable of treating waste oils, producing high quality regenerated bases, employed by the most prominent lubrication companies in the world.

The technological and managerial excellence guarantee equal or superior chemical-physical characteristics and performance equal or superior to the lube bases deriving from the primary refining of crude oil. The produced lube bases, Group I+ and Group II+, are ideal for the different applications in both the automotive and the industrial sectors, allowing for a wide range of formulations, in accordance with the most severe performance and environmental requirements of modern lubricants.

The used oil regeneration plants in Pieve Fissiraga (LO) and Ceccano (FR) have a treatment capacity of around 200,000 tonnes per year, producing mainly regenerated lube bases, but also diesel oil and a mixture for applications in bituminous membranes.

As a recognition of this path of excellence, Itelyum’s regenerated lube bases have obtained environmental product certification.