Itelyum embraces and publicly supports its core values of integrity, diversity, efficiency, responsibility and innovation as a guide for its daily activities and transforms them into strategies, shared objectives and operational programs.

In line with the highest standards of business integrity, Itelyum has the ambition to create value, fostering economic development supported by innovation, environmental protection, and

improved quality of life. This objective also passes through constant involvement and transparent information, from the single operational site to the corporate level, of local communities and society at large, including institutions, non-governmental organizations and representatives of the public and private sectors.

All group companies apply principles of equality to all employees, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, customers, end users and all those involved in the sphere of influence of their business sector.

Each source of well-being, whether referred to people or their intellectual capacity, use of natural or financial resources, and management of space or time, shall not be neglected or wasted, but valorized.